This project will fund a research network to investigate the life and legacy of Oliver Lodge. Its primary activity will be to organize four workshops at which members of the network can meet and discuss Lodge and his period. We also plan to organize public lectures, an exhibition, and an electrical demonstration.

Senior Advisory Board

The project is overseen by a Senior Advisory Board. Its members are:

  • William Ashworth (University of Liverpool)
  • Imogen Clarke
  • Aileen Fyfe (University of St Andrews)
  • David Hendy (University of Sussex)
  • Mike Houlden (University of Liverpool)
  • John Liffen (Science Museum)
  • Bernard Lightman (York University, Toronto)
  • Iwan Morus (Aberystwyth University
  • Richard Noakes (University of Exeter)
  • Katy Price (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Peter Rowlands (University of Liverpool)


The project is led by Dr James Mussell (University of Leeds) and Professor Graeme Gooday (University of Leeds). You can contact the project on oliverlodgenetwork@gmail.com.